What is this indicator?

This indicator measures the total number of awards issued to Sustainable Quality Award (SQA) winners.

The SQA is a joint initiative of Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce, the City of Santa Monica, and Sustainable Works. The award promotes the efforts of local businesses making significant achievements in the areas of sustainable economic development, social responsibility, and stewardship of the natural environment.

The SQA Grand Prize is given for combined excellence in Sustainable Economic Development, Social Responsibility, and Stewardship of the Natural Environment. Specific excellence awards are given to businesses with outstanding achievements in any one of the three areas.

Why is it important?

The SQA nurtures Santa Monica’s sustainable business community, inspiring other businesses to adopt their own sustainable practices and providing residents and visitors with a healthy economy and environment.

How are we doing?

In 2020, the SQA program will be celebrating its 25th year. Over the years, the Sustainable Quality Awards has grown and evolved since the awards began in 1995. Not only have the size and scope of the awards ceremony grown, but also the select group of businesses that can call themselves a Sustainable Quality Award winner. In 2019, we issued eight awards, including two Grand Prize winners and six Excellence awards. Giving us a grand total of 224 awards issued since 1995. 

How can I learn more?

Learn more about the Sustainability Quality Awards.

View past winners.

Apply or nominate a business for the SQA!