What is this indicator?

This indicator measures total annual electricity use (kWh) and inlcudes the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. The 2020 target is a 10% reduction in total electricity used from the baseline year (2010).

Why is this important?

Residential electricity usage accounts for 30% of all electricity consumed in Santa Monica. Electricity used from the residential and commercial sectors accounts for over 50% of greenhouse gas emissions generated in the community.
In 2018, most of our electricity came from non-renewable sources that generate greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing energy usage and cleaning our energy sources are important to limit greenhouse gases and climate change. As of 2019, Santa Monica joined the Clean Power Alliance that began providing the electricity utility from renewable sources like solar and wind power. 

How are we doing?

Energy conservation measures have been largely successful and energy use in the city remains stable, despite increases in population and development. Electricity use was steadily declining until 2013, due to improvements in lighting technology and energy-efficient equipment, but has since been on the rise due to an increase in electricity used in large commercial buildings. Natural gas use has remained constant over the years, as gas-related equipment and systems are typically larger investments with longer lifespans.

To reach the 10% reduction target of 751,123 MWh by 2020, the city needs to continue promoting energy conservation strategies and incentivizing efficient energy sources and appliances.

How can we help?

Available resources to help reduce electricity use in buildings include:
  • Choosing the default 100% Renewable Energy option with Clean Power Alliance. 
  • Energy Upgrade California’s Home Energy Upgrade, which offers Southern California Edison and SoCalGas customers rebates up to $3,000 for qualifying energy efficiency upgrades.
  • PACE Financing Program puts solar and efficiency within reach by helping customers finance energy efficient products.
  • The Energy Saving Assistance Program is a free program to help income-qualified residents save energy and money on monthly utility bills.
  • Solar Santa Monica is a free service that connects residents and businesses interested in going solar with experts who provide technical advice to help navigate the process.