What is this indicator?

This indicator measures total electricity used in municipal buildings and facilities in kilowatt hours.

Why is it important?

Although the City procures green power through renewable energy credits (RECs), reducing power consumption helps lower utility and maintenance costs and provides a signal to the energy efficiency market. As an operator of major community institutions and critical facilities, like water supply and public safety, reducing municipal energy demand will substantially improve the City’s ability to operate independently from the grid and lower costs. In order to demonstrate leadership, the City must commit to aggressively reducing electricity consumption.

How are we doing?

Since 2011, electricity consumption has increased slightly. While the City has pursued energy efficiency, it has also recently added or expanded new energy-intensive facilities like the Arcadia Water Treatment Plan, Pico Branch Library, Parking Structure 6 and Tongva Park.

This expansion of services and facilities will challenge the City's ability to reduce its own energy use, however, the net gain from the community benefits or other sustainability initiatives, like water self-sufficiency, will be much larger.