What is this indicator?

This indicator measures the percentage of residents and businesses receiving renewable energy through different electricity providers such as Clean Power Alliance, Southern California Edison, Direct Access Provider, and Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. 

Why is it important?

The City recognizes the importance of renewable energy generation and the impacts of non-renewable energy sources such as coal and natural gas. These sources generate harmful pollutants and contribute significantly to the carbon footprint of communities. In contrast, most renewable energy technologies produce little or no pollution and have low reliance on fossil fuels to support their operations. 
The City aims to increase the use of renewable energy, thus reducing the community's total amount of greenhouse gas emissions and consumption of fossil fuels. In a region where the sun shines an average of 310 days per year, solar energy is a viable option to increase the amount of energy supplied by renewable sources in Santa Monica. 
Increasing the amount of renewable energy in Santa Monica will help to improve air quality, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and provide a sustainable energy supply for the future. 

How are we doing?

In 2018, the City of Santa Monica joined 31 other public agencies in the region to form the Clean Power Alliance, a local energy provider governed by its member agencies. The Clean Power Alliance (CPA) offers three new, competitively-priced cleaner options for electricity and also reinvests funds back into the community. Santa Monica was one of several cities to set the default rate for residential and commercial customers to 100% renewable energy. 
As of December 2019, 93% of all residents and businesses received renewable energy through their electricity provider. The City is also monitoring and tracking the participation of residents and businesses in the CPA. CPA service began in February 2019 for all residents and in May 2019 for all businesses. As of August 2019, 91.5 % of residents are receiving 100% renewable energy (default level) from CPA and 92.1% of businesses receive 100% renewable energy. 
Clean Power Alliance Breakdown (August 2019)

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