What is this indicator?

This indicator measures the percent of employees of large employers (50 employees or more) who have chosen to take sustainable transportation modes (bike, bus, foot, carpool) in lieu of driving alone. This information is provided by the City's Transportation Demand Ordinance reporting submitted annually.

Why is it important?

Providing a variety of resources for residents and employees to choose sustainable modes of travel is important for reducing congestion and vehicle emissions and improving quality of life. Walkable, bike-friendly, transit-oriented communities are key components of the Santa Monica Land Use and Circulation Element (LUCE) of the Santa Monica General Plan. These documents establish the City’s land use, urban design and transportation vision, which are essential to promoting individual and community well-being.

How are we doing?

Use of sustainable transportation modes among employees is improving at a modest rate. In 2007, only 32% of Santa Monica employees used sustainable travel options. By 2019, this amount rose to 45% chose to travel via bike, foot, bus, or carpool.
The percentage of employees who drove alone in 2019 was 55%, which is the maximum percentage allotted under the 2020 target for solo driving rates. The transition to other modes will have to continue in order to keep this rate at or below 60% in 2020.
Since the adoption of the LUCE and in preparation of the Expo Light Rail, Santa Monica has focused new development in mixed-use, transit oriented centers that support a multi-modal lifestyle.

What can I do?