What is this indicator?

This indicator measures the percent of the City fleet vehicles using alternative fuels, including Big Blue Bus fleet. The Fleet Management Division of the City of Santa Monica is committed to Sustainable City Goals and is a member of "Clean Cities," a program sponsored by the U.S.Department of Energy which promotes the use of alternative fuel vehicles.

Why is it important?

In an attempt to reduce the dependency on fossil fuels and promote sustainable alternatives, the city is looking at the percent of municipal non-emergency fleet vehicles that are using alternative fuels. This includes the Big Blue Bus, Public Works vehicles and non-emergency police and fire vehicles. Alternative fueled vehicles operate on fuels other than gasoline or ordinary diesel, compressed natural gas (CNG), liquid natural gas (LNG), propane, biodiesel/petroleum blend, electricity, hybrid gasoline and electricity, and hydrogen. The benefits of alternative fuel vehicles include improvement in environmental and human health resulting from reduced dependence on fossil fuels, greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. The City is using alternative fuel vehicles because of the beneficial environmental and human health impacts as well as state regulations that require the city to use alternative fuel vehicles or to attain a certain level of fuel efficiency or emissions reduction.

How are we doing?

The City has been adding a variety of alternative fuel vehicles to its non-emergency public works fleet in order to meet the diverse needs of the city. As of 2019, 68% of the City’s 921 vehicles operate on alternative fuel; the 2020 target is 80%.

Big Blue Bus reached a significant milestone in 2015 with 100% of its fleet operating on renewable natural gas (RNG), using non-fracked, methane gas harvested from landfills. The City is committed to further reducing its emissions by purchasing and adding electric buses to Big Blue Bus fleet with a target of 100% by 2030. 

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