Income Diversity

Total Wages

This chart shows the trend for wages earned in Santa Monica over the years. Wages earned continue to increase each year, even with economic hardship in 2020. 

Top Industry

This chart shows the percent of wages earned in the top industry in Santa Monica. The top industry is currently the Information industry. The wages earned in this industry continue to increase and currently are more than a third of wages earned in Santa Monica. 

Top 3 Industries

This chart shows the percent of wages earned by the top three sectors in Santa Monica. The top three industry sectors in 2020:
  • Information
  • Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
  • Finance and Insurance

Income Diversity

This chart shows the distribution of household income in Santa Monica. As of 2021, nearly half of Santa Monica households earn over $100,000 annually. Only 23% of Santa Monica households earn under $35,000 annually.  


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