Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Reducing carbon emissions by electrifying transportation

How is Santa Monica doing?

By improving electric vehicle infrastructure and providing better access to electric vehicle chargers, the City hopes to encourage residents and visitors to drive electric (when alternative modes of transportation are not an option). In 2017, the City adopted the Electric Vehicle Master Plan with a roadmap to get to 300 public chargers by 2020. As of 2019, the City has installed 143 public electric vehicle chargers.
As of 2021, there were 4,400 electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids registered in Santa Monica. As the ownership of electric vehicles increases, it is important to increase the number of electric vehicle chargers to accommodate drivers' charging needs. As of 2021, the City has installed 159 EV chargers throughout the community. Additionally, private properties in Santa Monica have also been installing EV chargers that may be accessible to the public. There is total of 349 chargers in Santa Monica. 
The City of Santa Monica is working to electrify our fleet vehicles. The City is tracking the number of alternative fuel vehicles purchased over the years. In 2015, the City developed an internal policy to restrict the purchase of unleaded and diesel vehicles and requires divisions to submit exemption applications for special cases whether alternative fuel vehicle is not available or not applicable.  

EV Ownership

This indicator measures the number of registered electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids in Santa Monica. Over the past five years, the City has seen a 236% increase in the number of registered zero-emission and low-emission vehicles in Santa Monica. The target is an annual increase to continue this upward trend. 

Public EV Chargers

This indicator refers to the number of electric vehicle chargers owned and operated by the City of Santa Monica. Over the past five years, the City has increased the number of chargers by 76%. 

Charger Locations

This map highlights the City-owned public chargers in Santa Monica.

Alternative Fuel Fleet

This chart shows the number of fleet vehicles are alternative fuel vehicles. As defined in the City's Administrative Instruction, alternative fuel is defined as any fuel other than gasoline and diesel. "Alternative fuel shall include, but not limited to, natural gas, propane, ethanol (E-85), biodiesel (B20 - B100), hydrogen, and electricity." Currently, 68 percent of the City's fleet is an alternative fuel vehicle. 

How can I drive electric?