Community Gardens

How are we doing?

The City of Santa Monica currently operates four community gardens throughout the community: Euclid Park, Park Drive, Main Street, and Ishihara Park Learning Garden. The City issues annual permits for garden plotsat three gardens: Euclid, Park, and Main. There is a total of ### plots among the three gardens. Because the waittime for a garden plot can be lengthy, the City opened a learning garden at Ishihara Park in 2017. Permits are not issued for Ishihara Park community garden and members of the community are welcomed to come garden and volunteer.
The City is developing the next learning garden at Marine Park and scheduled to open in 2022. Similar to Ishihara Park, this garden will be open to the public and no permits will be issued. Learning gardens allow the City to increase the number of participants who want to garden and grow plants and food. Since the launch of Ishihara Park, the number of participants in community garden programs has increase significantly. The City also host events throughout the years to engage with the community. Community members can volunteer at the gardens or attend one of several educational workshops about urban agriculture. Additionally, the City has been able to grow an abundance of fresh produce for the community and donate to local organizations in need. 
The City recognizes the importance of growing food locally and the value of community gardens in the community. The City is always looking for new opportunities to expand the City's community garden programs to increase the number of community members who benefit from garden programs.  

Garden Participants

This chart reflects the number of participants in the City's community garden programs, including permit holders, volunteers, and event attendees. Previously, the City was only measuring permit holders. Beginning in 2022, the City is measuring the additional participants since the installation of Ishihara Park Learning Garden that allows participation without a permit. 

New Permits

This chart shows the number of new community garden permits issued. The City's garden permits are issued to designated plots in three community gardens and renewed annually. There is no limit on renewals. Previously, the City was measuring wait time for a garden permit. That indicator did not reflect turnover of garden permits. Starting in 2022, the City is measuring the number of new permits instead. 

Food Donations

This chart shows the number of pounds of food donated to local organizations in need from the food produced at the City's community gardens. While food was donated prior to 2022, this indicator is new to the Sustainable City Plan. 

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